Best places near Mysore

talakadu is best visiting place around the mysore

Talakadu, meaning ‘a site for worship’, was believed to have been located in a place of worship in ancient Hindu lore combined with the deity Shiva. Just visit here and get something miracle views and personally must visit like place.Never missed out this place when you come to Mysore. This place hardly 49 km from Mysore towards Kollegala. Talkadu is best places to visit around Mysore via taxi from Bangalore. Talakadu has a big history itself. tala and kadu are brothers. And you can have panchaling darshana. Talakadu is also a cursed city by Alamelamma who is family of Raja odeyar. She cursed 3 things to raja odeyar and she uttering into river Kauveri.

Talakadu has a big history itself. tala and kada are brothers. And here you can have panchaling darshana. Queen alamelamma had cursed 3 things to raja odeyar.

Let Talakād become sand, let Mālangi become a whirlpool, let the Mysore Rājas fail to beget heirs.

Here we can get view of five shiva linga temple at a time. And very famous story is there for talakadu.

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Somanthapura around Mysore

Channakeshava temple (Somanthapura)


Nearby this place you can visit Somnathpura (Channakeshava temple) built by Hoysalas during 1268 A.D. And this temple is made up of Soap stone and also you can feel the architecture and culture of Hoysala empire.

The temple was built by Hoysala dynasty Somanath, a Dandanayaka in 1268 C.E. under Hoysala king Narasimha III, when the Hoysala Empire was the major power in South India.

A live example of the heritage and culture of the Hoysala Empire


Shivana Samudra water fall around Mysore

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Shivanasamudra Water falls Gaganachukki and Barachukki. Hydro-electric power station is also available and it inaugurated in 1902.

How to Reach here?

1 Option: By Outstation Taxi from Mysore or Bangalore to Talkad, Somanathpura and Shivanasamudra water falls.

2. Option: By Bus, but via bus you couldn’t reach all spots timely and properly. 

Note: Tolls are not Included

Important & best places near Mysore


  1. Keerthi Narayan Temple
  2. Pathaleshwara Cave Temple
  3. Mallikarjuna Temple
  4. Arkeshwara Temple
  5. Vaidhyanatheshwara Temple
  6. Maruleshwara Temple


  1. Channakeshava Temple (Hoysala Empire)


  1. Gaganachukki
  2. Bharachukki
  3. Madhya Ranga Temple (one of Temple of Tri Ranga)
  4. Hydro-electric power station
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