Terms and Conditions

The customer must pay for taxes, the cost of the taxi, park fees, or additional night-time charges (where runs vehicle between 10 pm-6am) and any other fee or levies that are currently payable or later imposed by law or that must be paid to avail taxi services.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that the use of Services offered through the company is solely at the client’s own risk. In addition, the company is not liable for any representations or warranties of any kind, either implied or expressly stated.

The customer must ensure that they couldn’t engage even any one of following the below mentioned during a taxi ride: –

Within the taxi, Smoking or drinking any type of intoxicant, the driver can be denied to get inside the cab at the time of passenger has been drunken or can be requested the client to get off the taxi when the driver suspects the customer of being in a drunken state or it is seeming to be causing trouble to co-passengers or driver.

  • Soiling or damaging the taxi seats and/or other interiors.
  • Littering inside the taxi.
  • Misusing or damaging any devices (technical/non-technical) in the taxi.
  • The driver is asked to violate the rules of Traffic/ RTO/ City Police or any other government rules for any reason (especially arriving earlier at the destination). The driver has the right to decline requests from clients. The driver also has the option to refuse a request for a pickup or request the client (s) to get off the taxi.
  • Asking the driver to break any Traffic/ RTO/ City Police and/or government rules for any purpose (especially reaching the destination earlier). The driver has the right to refuse such a request of the client. The driver also has the right to refuse a pickup or ask such client (s) to alight from the cab. The driver has the right to refuse such a request of the client. The driver also has the right to refuse a pickup or ask such client (s) to alight from the cab.
  • Asking the driver to accept more passengers that are not allowed within the taxi. The driver is entitled to decline such a pickup or request that the client (s) get off the cab.
  • The client acknowledges that the use of Services provided by the Company is solely at the user’s risk and that company is not liable for any representations or guarantees of whatsoever kind implied or expressly stated as to the quality, condition, suitability, merchantability, or fitness to any purpose. These warranties are void to the maximum extent permitted by the law. In addition to the above, The Company cannot provide any representation or warranty.
  • The Services will satisfy the requirements of the client. The Services will run uninterrupted, secure, on time, or free of errors.
  • The company is not held responsible or accountable for any loss or damage regardless of the cause or resulting to the client resulting from the use of the taxi service that is provided by the company or as a result of the inability of the company to offer Services to the client for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited by the client’s inability to follow the Services recorded voice instructions or malfunction, or whole or complete malfunction of any terminal on the network or data processing system a computer system for telecommunications or any other reason not within the company’s ability to control. Company or any other person or organization associated with the above methods.
  • The Company does not assume any responsibility or responsible for any damage that results from the use of the service provided by the company that includes but is not restricted to indirect, consequential, direct or consequential damages, as well as punitive damages.
  • If anyone misses the train, flight, or bus Company is not responsible for any compensation. Only the client is responsible for ensuring that the trip or travel is punctual. The client must make an alternative arrangement if the cab cannot reach them for any reason.
  • The client is responsible for repaying the company of and from any and all liabilities, expenses, charges, and losses (including costs for legal services and expenses in full indemnity) demands, claims, or actions that the company could be liable for or suffer directly or indirectly arising out of or arising out of or in connection with the use or the proposed usage of the Services by the client and will pay the amounts upon demand to the company.
  • If items are lost inside the taxi/ cab travel, the company will try to find the items on a “best-effort” basis; however, it is not responsible in the event of loss or damages to identical.
  • If the client leaves items in the taxi or has a complaint concerning or concerning the services or the taxi’s usage, the client must be notified to the company of this by written on later within the 12 hours of dropping at their destination or use of taxi services of the company.
  • The conditions and terms of use and/or the agreement, as well as the Privacy Policy, are the sole contract between the user (s) and UDHAYAM CABS concerning access to and use of the website. Services are provided via UDHAYAM CABS, superseding prior oral or written agreements regarding the same subject matter.
  • If the booking cancelled by the customer at pick up location or before 2 hours of the pickup time, clients have to be paid 1000 rupees to the driver or Cab as a booking cancellation fees or compensation for that day.
  • company can cancel the trip on the basis of cabs availability or an emergency situation and also company will try to their best to arrange substitute for that vehicle.

Rights of UdhayamCabs

If the site has bulletin boards, chat rooms, mail lists, or other communications or messaging facilities. You agree to use these only to communicate and receive messages and other materials suitable and relevant materials. As an example but not as a restriction, You agree that while you use or access the site or any other facility, you must not engage in anything unlawful or illegal.

Defame and harass and stalk, or in any other way infringe on the rights of law (such as the rights to privacy as well as publicity) of other people;

Publish, post, share, or disseminate offensive, defamatory, infringing, or unlawful materials or information.

Upload or attach files containing software or other content protected by IP laws (or in the case of rights for privacy and publicity rights) except if the user has the right to own or control the rights in question or has all the consent as required by law.

Upload to attach or download files that are infected with viruses, corrupted files, or comparable software programs that could affect the performance of a computer belonging to another;

Delete any author acknowledgments, legal notices or labels, or proprietary signations in any file uploaded.

Falsify the source or origin of the software or other materials included in a file uploaded.

Advertise or make an offer to sell any product or service or conduct or send surveys, contests, chain letters or download any file uploaded by a different user on Forum that the user knows or should reasonably be aware is not legal to distribute in this manner.

The Company is entitled to utilize the client’s contact details to market its own services. The company can send periodic Email or SMS messages to mail addresses or mobile numbers associated with it.

The company has the right at any point without giving any reason to cancel the reservation of taxis made by the client.

The company is entitled to modify, add or alter any or all of the terms and conditions of these terms at any point in time and the client is legally bound by any modifications, variations, or additions when such additional change, or change is integrated with these conditions and terms on the company’s website(www.udhayamcabs.com).

Some additional cab/ taxi will be provided by third-party suppliers, and the company will not accept any responsibility for the equipped cab/ taxi and taxi drivers.

What personal data do we collect, and why do we collect it

Udhayam Cabs will work towards making sure that your privacy is secure. Suppose you supply particular identifying data, like your name, address, postal code, and other details. In that case, this information could assist with internal record-keeping, statistics, and other purposes.

If you access our website through “clicking-through” via a site operated by one of our affiliates and you’ve registered with the partner, certain information regarding you that you’ve given could be sent to us. You should read the privacy policies of the Web page from which you arrived at our website to find out the type of information obtained and how you consented that our partner may utilize the information.

Udhayam Cabs would like to hear customers’ opinions to improve the quality of its services. The user authorizes Udhayam Cabs to contact the user to ask for feedback on the different services offered through Udhayam Cabs. This feedback can be collected periodically via email, phone calls, SMS, or any other method.

Udhayam Cabs will not sell, trade, or divulge to any third party. If any information that results from registration for the use of the internet-based services (including details of names, addresses, and names) without the express consent of the customer or user (except in the event of the subpoena or search warrant or any other legal procedure, or if the person is at risk of physical injury to anyone else). We allow our providers to view the data for confirmation of your registration and to provide you with the benefits you have earned. When you register with us, we or any of our partners/affiliate/group companies may contact you from time to time to provide the offers/information of products/services that we believe may benefit you. At times we may also contact you to conduct market research. We can reach you via telephone, email, or mail.

The policy may be changed at any time by changing this section. It is recommended to check this section periodically to ensure you are aware of the most current policy. This policy takes effect on 1 May 2022.


We’re determined to ensure that your personal information is safe. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we’ve established appropriate physical, electronic, and management methods to protect and secure the information we gather online.

Other Provisions  

You can travel to specific destinations using certain routes, which have higher risks, entirely at your own risk regarding the costs and the effects. Udhayam Cabs requests you to check with the local authorities and assess travel restrictions, warnings announcements, advisories, and other information that they issue prior to booking travel to specific destinations on specific routes. Through marketing (through discounts and offers) any trip to particular destinations on specific travel routes Udhayam Cabs does not guarantee or represent that traveling to these destinations is safe or risk-free. Udhayam Cabs does not accept any liability for losses, damages, or delays that could result from travel to these or other destinations.

Udhayam Cabs, its Affiliates, and their respective suppliers aren’t accountable for any acts of, mistakes, omissions or claims, or violations or negligence on the part of taxi/car rental companies or other service providers for injuries to persons, deaths, or property damage or other

losses or expenses that result from. Udhayam Cabs, its Affiliates, and their respective suppliers bear no responsibility for and will provide no refunds in the event of any strike, delay or force majeure, or any other reasons beyond their control. They are also under no liability for any additional expenses, delays, omissions, and re-routings or actions of any authority or government.


The information on this website is provided for general information only. The data is supplied through UdhayamCabs and its customers and partners. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and accurate, We make no representations or representations whatsoever, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, and reliability, or the suitability or accessibility of the website, the products, information or other related graphics on the site for any use. Any trust you place in such information is entirely at your risk. Alternatively, you may verify this with the company by calling us.

Udhayamcabs.com does not make any representations or warranties regarding soundness commercially in connection with the description and information of the cab/taxi or car rental or other product or service described on this site (including but not limited to the prices, photos, the list of amenities, general product descriptions, and descriptions of the products). The majority of this information is provided by the respective suppliers or operators. Car and other ratings listed on this site are general guidelines. Udhayamcabs Affiliates and the suppliers cannot warrant the accuracy of ratings or the particular products or services.

Also, you agree that by using this website, UdhayamCabs comely provides intermediary services to offer top-quality services to you. Udhayamcabs.com will not be the final-mile service provider for you; therefore, Udhayamcabs.com shall not be or be held to be accountable for any shortage or inconsistency of the services offered by any individual (taxi/car rental service or travel/tour operator, or any similar agencies) you engage, hire or appoint based on or in connection with, the information on this site.

Udhayamcabs.com, its affiliates, and their respective suppliers do not make any representations or warranties regarding the information software, products, and services, which includes all implied warranty and conditions of sale adequate quality and fitness for a specific reason, title, or non-infringement.

In no way will we be held liable for any loss or damage, not limited to consequential or indirect damage or loss, as well as any damage or loss whatsoever that results from any loss or damage to data profits that result from, or in connection with, the use of this site.

On this site, you may be able to link to other websites that aren’t under the control of Udhayamcabs.com. We are not in control of these websites’ content, design, or availability. The inclusion of links is not an endorsement or recommendation of the views contained within them.

Every effort is taken to keep the website operational and smooth. But, UdhayamCabs takes no responsibility for and cannot be held responsible for the website’s inability to function due to technical issues that are beyond our control.

Online Payments

  • 2 % GST applicable.
  • Instruments like Diners and Amex Cards, International Cards, EMI (Credit Card, Debit Card & Cardless) & Corporate (Business) Credit Cards will be charged at 3%
  • At present, there are no charges for UPI and QR transactions, both P2P and P2M (Person to Merchant). But as the user base saw new heights, some banks started making announcements to their customers about the charges for P2P UPI transactions from May 01, this year. 

How to Contact Udhayam Cabs

If you have any concerns regarding this privacy policy, you can reach us

by using the contact information provided listed on the Contact Us page or may call us at +91 7090295529.

Office Address:- No. 7, Krishnappa Building, Nagavarapalya Vegetable Market, C. V. Raman Nagar, Bangalore – 560093.

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